Parish Survey

A parish survey was conducted from March 25 through April 12, 2019.  This was a survey, not a pledge. The Parish Council wanted to know what people thought of the plan and whether parishioners would support it.

The survey allowed the pastor, Parish Council and Building Committee to complete their planning, put together a final list of projects to be funded, and set a campaign goal.

Nearly 30 families volunteered to help with the survey.  They were assigned names, and met with fellow parishioners.

They met with people to discuss the repair projects listed in the Project Overview. It was distributed at all the Masses on March 23-24.  Those not picked up were mailed out.

Volunteers did not see the surveys, only the pastor and Greg Jeffrey, who coordinated the survey. Mr. Jeffrey tallied the surveys and only reported collective totals to the parish council and building committee.  For example, “XYZ percent felt they would be willing to support these repairs.”

On April 29 survey results were published in the church bulletin.

Questions?  Contact Greg Jeffrey, Survey/Campaign Coordinator at 701-205-6366 or