2019 Proposed Repair Projects

In 2017, serious issues with the church’s west wall were discovered almost by accident.  It served as a good reminder: it’s important from time to time to review our entire parish and school property and make the necessary investment to keep them in good repair. So a few months ago the Parish Council and Building Committee to review the facilities and make recommendations for repairs. 

Now that the west wall has been stabilized, there are other items that need to be addressed.  Estimates include a 20% ‘contingency.’

Church Structure     $217,932

Install Drain Tile. Exterior drain tile on 3 sides of church will protect the foundation and move moisture away from the basement.

North Porch. Replace sinking concrete steps with a structure made from new “plastic wood”.

Tuck Pointing of Church.  At an estimated $137,025, this is the big ticket item.  Tuck pointing repairs the mortar between bricks.  Mortar flakes off over the decades, leaving a recessed ‘shelf’ where water can sit, freeze, thaw—and create serious issues.

Brick Work. Required to patch up the area left by the removal of the chimney.

Fire Alarm System. The church, fellowship hall and rectory would all be tied into an integrated system.  If activated by smoke or heat, the alarm would automatically page the Sheriff.

Basement Storage Room Floor.  The room in the basement of the church once used by the K of C’s has a wood floor that has rotted over time.  (photo below) Replacement will be concrete.

Seal Basement Windows. Sealing eight basement windows is part of the overall effort to maintain a warm and dry basement to protect the church’s foundation.

Church Interior        $53,118

Floor Coverings. Carpet in aisles, vinyl beneath pews.

Replace Overhead Screen behind the tabernacle with a solid wall.

Plaster and Paint. Insurance will pay for the cost of plaster repairs and painting the interior of the church.

School Interior      $73,960

Flooring.  We can no longer strip the floors in the elementary classrooms because we’re down to the asbestos layer.  Existing flooring will be covered with new vinyl or carpet.

Church Fund Reimbursement        $124,891

West Wall Stabilization. This repair has already been made to ensure the structural integrity of the church. It included engineering fees, insulation, a new catwalk in the attic, ventilation, some shingling and other misc. items.    Rather than borrow money, repairs were paid with parish reserves.  Replacing these dollars will ensure our endowment continues to grow as a supplement source of income for the parish.

Secondary Priorities

The items above are considered ‘priority.’  Should we be able to raise the necessary funds, it would be ideal to complete the following projects as well.  These estimates also include a 20% contingency.

Lighting. Church entry lighting. Estimated at $1,800.

Roofing. The elementary school flat roof is 30+ years old and beginning to crack.  It needs a total repair job estimated at $87,500.

Wood Floor. Refinish 1st floor, landing and steps of school.  Estimated at $5,300.

Fellowship Hall. Repairs to water damage in the ceiling is estimated at $1,800. 
The spring thaw revealed the leak is still active. (Photo below) Air conditioning is under consideration.

Insulation of Church Basement Walls. This may not be necessary if other remediation items are sufficient.  Cost estimate: $17,220 to insulate interior walls of church basement with foam. 

Priority 1 and 2 Totals

It would cost approximately $600,000 to complete all the projects listed above.  That includes a 20% contingency on all estimates for unexpected ‘surprises,’ rectory repairs, and campaign costs.

Priority 3: Rectory